Electro Tramp Iron Magnet with Overhead Rail

Manufacturer Wagner
Type 461-95/96-600/1
Year of construction 2017
Power 5,5 kW (power consumption)
Dimensions ca. 0,95 m x 0,95 m x 0,6 m high (Magnet)
Weight 2.090 kg (Magnet)
Description Elektro magnet with large depth action for extracting ferrous parts from a material stream, oil cooled. Including control cabinet with 220 V DC-supply (type: 312-220/20, for 400 V / 50-60 Hz connection) and overhead duo-rail installation (ca. 4,5 m long x 2,5 m high) for moving magnet. By switching off magnet above drop point attracted ferrous parts will be removed.

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