Vibrating Fluid-Bed Cooler

Manufacturer Vibra Schultheis
Type VF 25 / 5.6
Year of construction 2006
Power 2 x 0,9 kW / 965 RPM
Dimensions ca. 3,4 m x 1,5 m x 1,85 m high
Weight ca. 2 to.
Description Vibrating Cooler for minerals and other bulk materials, consisting of: Base frame with springs, lower part with air ducts and 2 pcs. imbalance drives (0,9 kW each), air distribution plate (1,5 m² surface, material: Conidur) and dust hood as upper part. Height of fluid bed can be adjusted via manual mill-dam. Cooler is equipped with 11 man holes / inspection holes and quick releases for mounting the dust hood on the lower part. Aeration / dedusting not included; operating manual and drawing available.

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