Intensive Mixer 120 l.

Manufacturer Eirich
Type R 09
Year of construction 2020
Power ca. 27 kW (total)
Dimensions ca. 2,0 m x 1,1 m x 1,9 m high
Weight ca. 1.500 kg
Description High intensity batch mixer, designed for a net capacity of 120 l. per batch, equipped with pin-type rotor tool, bottom-wall-scraper tool, (optional) sub base wedge 10° and 2 pcs. lubrication pumps (2 x 0,07 kW; for girth gear and ball bearings). Rotor drive (22 kW) via v-belts, pan drive (4 kW) via intermediate gearbox and gear wheels. Central discharge gate is operated hydraulically (hydraulics power pack: 0,75 kW). Pan lining and tools are made of carbon steel, scraper tools knives and rotor pins are made of wear resistant steel. Machine is unused / in mint condition and would be availablei mmediately.

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